taiji lineage
Taiji Quan, more commonly written as Tai Chi Chuan, is translated as Grand Terminus Boxing or Grand Ultimate Boxing.

We teach Yang Style Taiji that was developed by the great master Yang Luchan (1799-1872). The characteristic features of Yang Style Taiji are pleasant expansive movements and natural actions that are governed by the Daoist Theory of Yin and Yang. This concept started with the observation of nature and the environment, and its theory holds that all natural phenomena consist of two complementary and opposing aspects: firmness and softness, activity and inactivity, substance and function, yielding and unyielding.

Song (Relaxation) is a key word in Taiji practice. This word is represented by a Chinese character that depicts loose, hanging hair. Likewise, we want to loosely relax the joints and muscles of the body in order to stimulate circulation and increase the flow of Qi, the intrinsic energy latent within all of us.