Today MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is very popular and the current rage among martial arts.  It is promoted as a modern art which incorporates all aspects of fighting: Striking, Kicking and Grappling. This is neither new nor innovative!

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, not the modern performance sport known as Wushu or the watered down version of Kung Fu, incorporate in their repertoire of skills Four Major Categories. These are: Ti (Kicking), Da (Striking), Shuai (Throwing), Na (Joint Locking).

Ti: Includes not just kicking but all techniques that employ the legs such as sweeping and knee strikes.

Da: Includes not just striking but all techniques executed with the arm such as elbow and shoulder strikes.

Shuai: Includes all types of throwing and takedowns as well as the practice of breakfalling skills.

Na: Includes not only joint locks but chocking and specialized techniques to attack the pressure points.

In addition there are specialized skills known as Di Shu (Ground Fighting) and Sanda (Chinese Style Kickboxing).

Di Shu: Specializes in ground-fighting skills that include kicking, tripping, and submission techniques. Some Chinese martial arts styles are highly specialized in this field and most Northern Styles such as Eagle Claw and Mizong Luohan incorporate these techniques in their curriculum.

Sanda: Chinese-Style Kickboxing promoted as a sport; includes kicking, striking, throwing and sweeping techniques. Click here to learn more about our kickboxing.

Furthermore, Traditional Chinese Martial Arts incorporate Nei Gong and Qi Gong in their training. These health maintenance and restorative systems help us lead a more enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling life.

This is traditional MMA as taught in our school!