Kickboxing for Fitness is offered in many gyms and frequently taught by aerobics instructors who often don’t have any background in martial arts. While this can be a good workout, it lacks the technical skills that are provided in a Kickboxing Fitness program available through a martial arts school.

A Kickboxing workout can burn a lot of calories (on the average 8 to 10 calories per minute) while improving overall fitness, agility, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. A well planned 30-minute workout can burn as many as 300 calories and provide variety and fun in the training session.

Kickboxing as a Fighting Sport includes: American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Sanda, (Chinese Style Kickboxing, also known as Sanshou). This type of training is far more methodical and demanding, and it requires a serious commitment on the part of the participant.

The training can be spartan and it includes some of the same methods used in boxing. Striking and kicking bags, kicking shields and mitts, all help to develop powerful combinations. Skipping rope and running are also part of this training regimen as is a specific weight training program.

Specialized fight gyms are the best places for serious athletes who have an inclination to step into the fight ring one day. Few last long term, or are skilled enough to pursue a fighting career. Most cannot maintain the rigorous training. Also, the body contact can be grueling and result in injuries.

At the Chinese Martial Arts Center our focus is to incorporate training methods of Chinese-style kickboxing as part of our regular martial arts program. These methods help our students develop focus, distance, timing, and power, while enhancing their overall workout.